Master Defenders Wiki
Species: Altered Human
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Master Defenders
Dimension: Dimension 8
Created by: Mal Bhanks


Lee Young    

Code Name: Advokit


Lee Young is an average High school kid from Rose City; attending a scientific presentation at the RC University with his class. During the presentation a massive explosion erupts and panic ensues.  Young manages to escape from the auditorium seemingly unscathed. Later he learns about the near fatal experience his friends and girlfriend befall. After investigating the event he finds out that those in attendance to that presentation either fell into a coma or gained super powers. He comes across his abilities while researching the Star-Pix Crisis and the strange text that appeared many years prior on the Washington monument.  His brain automatically translated the text to English, but when he spoke the language aloud it was in Spanish. Soon after Lee realized that he gained the ability to read write and speak in every language he has ever heard or seen. 

Being the Advokit

In Lee's first outing with the knowledge of his powers he manages to keep an international business mogul who only speaks Basque from committing suicide.  Later learning that the whole reason why the Business man was suicidal was due to Blaguard threatening his family back in Korea.

Rise of Grim-Light

Realm Hopping Hunt

A man by the name of Shun, who is later revealed to be a Magister decides to play a game with young, due to the fact that he wont be forgotten. Magisters can time travel and Realm hop to a degree, so Shun grabs Lee just before the Rise of Grim-Light Arc. Shun wages his realm bending Omni for a chance to play tag with Lee. Though if he wins, Lee would never be able to return to Dimension 8 ever again.


Extra Information - The Boyfriend of Autumn Taylor .
Race: Japanese
Gender: Male