Alien Investigative Agency
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General Information
Official name: AIA
Created by: Matt Bhanks
Universe: MDU
Country: USA
Dimmension: 8

  The A.I.A. is a nationwide agency in the Master Defenders Universe. Created by Matt Bhanks, it is an organization under the direct command of the Attorney General and deals with extra-terrestrial and superhuman phenomena. The acronym stand for Alien Investigative Agency.


New Management

There are  12 sectors that make up the A.I.A. 

AIA EAST: Invasion Protection Center

AIA WEST: The Pavilion of Alien investigation

AIA North: Dept. of Intergalactic Research & Development

AIA Alien Militia 

AIA Central: X-Center

AIA North-East: Dept. of Universal Criminology

AIA North-West: N.W.P.D

AIA South: Prime Pixalian Corrections Facility

AIA South-East: Advanced Operative Training Corridor

AIA South-West: Flight Command 8

The Basement

Sector B12: International Altered Training Academy  ( I.A.T.A.)

Each one is under the command of individual Command Officers. All of which answer to the Prime Director. The Prime Director’s identity is kept secret from everyone, including the majority of its members, in order to protect the agency from subterfuge. 


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