Little is known about the basement. Only that it is 17 stories below sea level; or so thats what people believe. In Master Defenders: Altered Kingdom, Tommy references it to Tina, stating: 

...I spent most of my time in my parents basement.

Desplode, Master Defenders


The basement is the Area 51 of the urban jungle. Many speculate that it is located in New york City, but this has yet to be proven. A.I.A. officers often reference while speaking Jargon.  

The Basement is said to hold many relics from the Star Pix Crisis; years ago. Everything from Alien space craft to other worldly food strains.  A famous conspiracist by the web tag 'Agamenon 23' has theorised that the rumoured, super soldier militia project has been stored there.

It is also believed that the original ship that Zan came to earth in is held there, as well as the DNA of every Altered Human in existance. It is that DNA that Agamemnon 23 believes is why so many Altered have appeared recently.