Master Defenders Wiki
Species: Altered Human
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Dimension: Dimension 8
Created by: Mal Bhanks

Blynx is an Autonomous Battle Tele-intelligence or ABT designed by The Farfleck Company to counteract the need for heroes in the world today. It's designed to have the strength and fortitude of an armoured vehicle with the agility of many energy based Altered humans, like Lynx or even Zip Zap. It's operating system has a mechanical sounding female voice and often refers to itself as Abby.  

Blynx is currently a student at the I.A.T.A. She has memories of a young girl originally from New York. Though these memories are not it's own she strongly is perplexed by their meaning or why she even possesses them. Her earliest memory is fragmented and seems to take place six years after the Star-Pix Crisis had ended.

Her frame and processing power mirror, super-human agility. And her eyes possess infra-red as well as night vision. She also has been outfitted with ventilation shaft located inside the HUD,of the helmet. This allows in air into the electronic chamber; which amplifies, making sensors signal the motherboard. This action results in creating a hyper sensitive electronic sense of smell.  

Her design sports orange and white markings. The Chassis was redesigned by the academy so it never deteriorates with prolonged use and has Pixalien Green Technology, so it won't pollute the surrounding area.