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General Information
Official name: Cyclohoma City
Created by: Matt Bhanks
Universe: MDU
Galaxy: Milky Way
Dimmension: 8

  Cyclohoma City is a vast metropolis in the Master Defenders universe, located in the far west of the United States and just outside of Los Angeles. After the Star-Pix Crisis, Cyclohoma has been regarded as the alien capital of the world, consisting of the largest Pixalian population. The city is also the home town of Richard Rageous, who is the man responsible for the crisis. After creatures followed Richard and his men back to Earth, they decided to blend in with the human population by disguising themselves. Canavin was one of the thousands of aliens that came to Earth and landed in Cyclohoma City. The city's large bulidings that practically touch the sky are the pinnacle of what is believed to be the 'future of life'. Cyclohoma is also the premiere city for alien tolerance. Humans and aliens of all kinds can commune and collaborate here, although there are issues that arise. Scoundrels (the most loathsome beasts from Star-Pix) also settle here and threaten the lives of humans. The primary AIA sector for this metropolis is the West Sector, led by Professor Archibald Shaw, who later becomes one of Canavin's main antagonists. The citizens characterize Canavin as their beloved hero. After more people learned to accept Canavin and his Pixalian origin, Cyclohomains began to appreciate their Pixalian brothers (or so the media says). Like all cities it has its hazards and criminals who are bent on destroying this otherwise peaceful city. Luckily for the citizens, Canavin is on the job.