The Farfleck Company (formerly Farse Inc. and Thleck Laboratories) is a company in the MDU. This company is owned by a group of silent partners and politicians who secretly develop weapons for mass destruction and medicines to deadly diseases alike. The company was founded when Maria Thleck III married her former lover Jonathan Farse before he mysteriously died on their wedding night. In her grief she allowed her company to go public and resigned from the business world until the Dominio Event, 6 years later.


Farse Incorporated

Farse Inc was founded back in 1632 by a Albert Harland Farse, and his half brother Ulysses Xander-Farse, in Fog county. Originally it was a printing press manufacturer. Gaining business as newspapers, posters and paper items became more mainstream. The company truly took off in 1700 when the U.S. started using Farse Inc as it's sole printers for the Dollar. Most of the money was printed in warehouse 4 in washington D.C. before it was renamed to the prestigious Federal Reserve. Before the merger that made Farse Inc. into Farfleck the pride of the U.S. lied in the Golden City of Fog county; San Francisco.

Thleck Labs

Thleck labs was a Research and development company for the U.S. The Labs were crucial during the outbreak of Sylopist in 1978 and was rumoured to be working on a cure to the common cold.