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Flynn 3.jpg
Species: Altered Human
Hair color: Red, Auburn
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Alias: Flynn
Occupation: Student Auditor
Affiliations: R.A.S., The Roads of Anarchy
Dimension: 8
Created by: Mal Bhanks
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Flynn is one of the few heroes without a codename, or so it seems.

He leads the Canadian Altered team called "The Altered Squadron". Formerly the Rogue altered squadron he and his team protect Rose city from the evils of corrupt businessmen, inter-dimensional zombies and whatever the infamous Farfleck Company comes up with.


Originally from Hunts point Manhattan, Flynn grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After meeting his childhood friend Emma, the two were inseparable, they attended the same middle school and even went to the same Highschool of GoodAcre Public High in Greenwich. GoodAcre isn't your typical high school, people had been going missing and Flynn was certain it had to do with the local gang. When Emma goes missing Flynn decides to go undercover and infiltrate the gang. The Ivory Fangs accept Flynn as their new member.

The Ivory Fangs[]

The Fangs were a notable gang in Manhattan during the New York Gang War. It is during this time that Flynn met long time friend and eventual enemy Noble aka Switch. He also met Benjamin Campbell who would later be known as Tank

The Roads of Anarchy[]

The Rose City Incident[]

After recently immigrating to Canada, Flynn decides to turn over a new leaf, and use his abilities to fight crime as a vigilante. On one of his all ight outings, and feeling completely overworked Flynn neglects to stop a low level member of the GoodArce family, Joseph "Joey" Koals. The GoodAcre are an international crime family that Flynn's old gang was associated with. Assuming to catch up with Koals after some much needed rest, Flynn wasn't present for an incident where Koals took to the RC University and set it a blaze during a city wide presentation of a Bleeding edge scientific prototype. The explosion of that device rendered many in the hospital and others would experience a number of unfortunate after effects as a result.

The Alistair's Altered Squadron[]

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