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Flynn 3.jpg
Species: Altered Human
Hair color: Red, Auburn
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Alias: Flynn
Occupation: Student Auditor
Affiliations: R.A.S., The Roads of Anarchy
Dimension: 8
Created by: Mal Bhanks
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  • Skilled Leader: Flynn lead the Ivory Fangs while undercover for a long time without problems up until the North West War started. At that point his undercover mission was completed and he quit the gang, to return to The Roads of Anarchy. Later Flynn became the leader of the R.A.S. in Canada. His tactical prowess and skill helped his team deal with many villains including Fire Bug, Aria, The Royal Sludge Biker gang and the various incarnations of CNTRL.


Flynn’s Helmet: is a light shade of orange and blue, the colors are unified throughout his uniform.  Equipped with a radio transmitter/receiver, a visor with night-vision, and optical heat sensors. The visor is made of a special reflective shatter proof glass. The rest of the helmet is also made from a high impact material that can withstand bullet fire and repel telepathic and psychological attacks.

The Sword Prester: is the weapon of choice of R.A.S. Squadron leader and Academy Red student Flynn. The sword is housed inside of Kore by way of a bracelet that Flynn wears as a Pit Key to open the dimension at will.