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Henry (Hank) Lasher is the prime antagonist in Master Defenders 2: Codes of Corruption. He is known in Master Defenders and Codes of Corruption as the beloved son of the famous Lasher scientists, William and Tanya. Together, the couple founded Lasher Labs, which was a museum/alien artifact testing facility. The building was destroyed in the first novel by Cyfreid, after he uses his detonator to help free himself and Lynx, Shade-Master, and Draymond, from an army of regenerating predators. (Later known to be Sychophemia parasites in MD2).

The Death of the Lashers

Hank Lasher was the brightest student at his high school and had a full entry scholarship to one of the best colleges in the nation. However, while being in the same room as his parents when they studied a rock fragment called Pixaliemain, Hank was believed to be consumed by an alien test subject, a creature that also slaughtered his parents.

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