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Lightning Lynx
Lynx light2.jpg
Species: Altered Human
Hair color: unknown
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: Olympic runner (formerly)
Affiliations: Master Defenders,

Preservation Society

Dimension: 8
Created by: Mal Bhanks


Lynx first appeared in the Master Defenders Novel #1 (2012), from MB Realms Productions. Created by Artist Malcolm Bhanks, the lightning lynx or just Lynx for short is a smart aleck, former Olympic runner who got his powers during the Domineo event.  

Originally created in 2003, he was re-imagined in the 2012 novel with a new origin and new design. 

Lynx is an original member of the Master Defenders, the team headed up by the A.I.A. (Alien Investigation Agency ) Eastern Division.  Officially classified as Agent 114; Lynx is the one member of the team who cannot be in one place for too long. Believed to be suffering from an Acute Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder prior to the Dumineo event. His DNA, now chemically changed on the molecular level is in all sense of the phrase out of the world.  Lynx’s energy body is constantly in a state of flux, even when he appears to be standing still. His suit which is made with an amalgamation of high-density fibers and metals designed to focus his powers to his feet, giving him the ability to run at incredible speeds, as well as keeping his poly-electric form from escaping and being lost in our atmosphere.

After much tinkering, the AIA scientific team headed up by professor Geiger managed to solidify Lynx's energy body allowing him to leave his suit and live a normal life. Though he can't return to his life as a runner he spends his time as an activist for domineo survivors. Not to mention a part time superhero as well.

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