Electrokinetic Combat:  Lynx’s fighting technique includes a variety of karate and guerrilla tactics.  Though he chooses to fight as a last resort, he can grapple an opponent and propel them thru the air with ease. Also with every strike that Lynx distributes from his fist and especially his feet, pack the force of a small bolt of lightning. 

Lynx in his original anti-electric suit

Electrokinetic Speed: Lynx has the power of super human speed capable of shattering the sound barrier in .06 seconds at top speed. His super-speed also allows him to run up vertical surfaces; like buildings and even sheer rock walls. What makes this ability special is that, as he runs he gives off an electrical field that is invisible to the naked eye.  Those who have the misfortune of entering the field during lynx’s run will become unconscious and for long exposure can even die.  It also gives off a slight whistling sound. For Lynx this sound occurs at the moment of breaking the sound barrier and can be mistaken with the high pitch sound of a Lynx’s roar.

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