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Master Defenders 4: Origins of Anarchy. Copyright © 2019 MB Realms Entertainment All Rights Reserved.

Brief Synopsis: Canavin and the masters are back in action when they learn about a primeval relic linked with a very noteworthy Pixalian race, leading to a hectic invasion that puts a fairly recent worldwide peace treaty between creatures and humans in jeopardy.

Long Synopsis:

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As individuals we are nothing, but together we are powerful. All of the humans and moral Pixalians who survived the Second Star-Pix Crisis continue to appreciate the greatest alliance of heroes in the world. Now that peace between the species has become a nationwide law, Canavin and the masters are back in action. A distress call from the CEO of an independent weapons corporation forces the defending alliance to a classified location. They are informed about a group of scoundrels who are fixated on finding a primeval relic that could bring about the rise of an extremely noteworthy Pixalian race. Canavin sees that he lacks the knowledge of the Pixalian race he thought he knew so much about. As he is in search for answers, he arrives in the midst of an armored woman who has caused global turmoil, bringing back hate and revulsion between the two species. And when the defenders return from an Egyptian environment, they now must witness the repercussions of a vast invasion of the devastating race. A divide of humans and Pixalians is in effect, and everyone is cautious when they learn about a sapient ruler with powers unheard of, leaving Canavin with choices that determine the future of his alliance and the entire world of anarchy.