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The Roads of Anarchy is a street gang from Manhattan Island.


The Roads of Anarchy's prominence was during the tail end of the Star-Pix Crisis in which many large cities were experiencing a politically and morally charged climate. One side on befriending and working with the Pixalien invaders and the other to go to war with a technologically advanced society. The Roads as their were often referred to would routinely fight over various neighborhoods, Harlem, Chelsea, Chinatown and West village to name a few. A Few years after the Star-Pix Crisis, a major gang war raged in Lower Manhattan. The City's major street gangs fought throughout the streets. Burning and looting stores. Police could barely contain the situation. The fighting lasted for 3 days and the AIA's Civil Task force from NWPD HQ had to be called in to quell the mayhem. Many members of the Roads were killed or sent to prison. Remnants of the street gangs still remain but all have lost their numbers. More recently The Roads and their rivals, The Yellow Raven Crew as well as the Poison Swords have been disbanded.


Many people have been members of The Roads of Anarchy. Some have been killed during their time and others are MIA and still others are high profile members of society.

  • Caden Foster (Leader) (MIA)
  • Flynn
  • Jill Noble
  • Brandon Noble
  • Emma Sylders
  • Astrid Clarke (deceased)
  • Arrun Clarke (MIA)
  • Keeper
  • Stone Claw (deceased)
  • Takami Cheng (deceased)