Rose City
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General Information
Created by: Mal Bhanks
Universe: 8
Galaxy: Milky Way


Rose City is the home of the most advanced Industrial Microscope. The Chronoscopic Nanoscope is the latest in DNA research particularly in analyzing alien isotopes and their volatile effects on the human genome. Rose City got it's name from its largest export of Roses. And we are not just talking about the red ones either but all colors in the spectrum; especially the rare Crystal Rose.

Even though the city isn’t located inside the United States, the AIA’s international department have many dealings in the region.  Secretly “Level 4” is located in downtown RC. Level 4 is the code name for the IATA Drop-Pod Depot located under the RCU’s Bookstore.  

It is protected by the Rookie Altered Squadron known commonly as the {TBA}. They are altered youth who are under constant watch by the AIA and act as a rookie version of the Famous Master Defenders.