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Zan Genrax
Species: Human
Hair color: brown
Eye color: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Affiliations: Master Defenders

Axel Ramone is a fictional character that appears in all three books of the Master Defenders trilogy.  His best friend is Lynx, who also plays a big, yet disturbing role in the stories.  Axel is known as a realm-bender, someone capable of manipulating reality and opening doors to new worlds, simply by thought.  He had this ability since birth, but didn't realize it until he was eighteen.  In Master Defenders, Lynx actually comments on this and says, “Really?  You never told me. That’s pretty sad.”  Axel is characterized as being quite bulky with a general muscular tone.  He calls himself Shade-Master after his prom date (a woman from a different realm), says that his mind tends to lead to dark fortresses of shadows.

Shade-Master is first introduced in Master Defenders after Lynx has difficulty avoiding Sharp and Cyfreid .  Commander Cyfreid had Lynx on his enrollment list, but the playboy had other suggestions to the cause.  He called Cyfreid 'old' and criticized Sharp's suit.  Cyfreid threatens Lynx with a detonator he keeps in his jacket.  The rising conflict ends the moment Axel comes to his friend's rescue.  He tells Cyfreid to back off since he can open wormholes.  Cyfreid is impressed to such an extent that he offers Axel the chance to join his team and retrieve all five Pixaliemain rocks.  Axel agrees.



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