Master Defenders Wiki
General Information
Official name: Home of the Pixaliens
Created by: Matt Bhanks
First Appearance: Master Defenders Series
Universe: MDU
Galaxy: Milky Way
Dimension: 8

  Home of the Pixalaien Kind;  Star-Pix is a small inter-orbital planet just outside of the earth's gravitational pull. However due to it's small size it is caught inside of the moon's lunar orbit, making this rock almost like earth's second moon. 


Originally the planet was recorded during the decade before the Star-Pix Crisis. Although at the time it was catergorized as a rouge planet just out side the Nimlic Galaxy.  Five years later the scientists that would later form the AIA North: Dept. of Intergalactic Research & Development recognized that the planet had traveled a substantial distance, now inside our galaxy. The scientist theorized that if it continued its path it would collide with our moon. The Next three years was spent working on alternative devices to regulate the sea levels and climate of the earth. All of which proved useless when the rock surprisingly missed the moon and instead got trapped in it's lunar orbit. 

The Kingdom[]

This terra-formed asteroid is 2/3 the size of the moon and is home to an unknown population of alien species. These aliens have different sizes and shapes all fall under the umbrella term, Pixaliens. They also have their own government. Simular to the governments of western civilizations on earth Star-Pix has a council of elders, like our Senate / House of Commons that make key laws and decisions, under the direction of the High Intermediary. The High Intermediary is second only to the Royal Family. The people of Star-Pix have a king, making the government officially a type of Monarchy.