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The Militia is a radical Black ops group of retired Navy and Seal team war vets who are not afraid of taking the fight to Aliens of all kinds in order to keep the human populous thriving. Even if this means teaming up with the very alien scum they are trying to destroy. 

Over the years this militia became an important asset to the A.I.A. in order to deal with Pixalians that refuse to assimilate with the people of earth. Many Pixalians have been forced to join the militia, with the hope's that this will reform them to the side of "Good." The official statement for the United Nations Council is that the militia are terrorists that have no moral code at all. And the Pixalians that assist them are trying to destroy the infrastructure of The UN and world as a whole. In reality all Pixalians who are members of the Militia have Inhibitor Mites in their blood stream that could self destruct at a push of a button. The leader of the Militia, General Thaddeus John Mingyu , feels that they are necessary to keep the peace.