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Master Defenders is a 2013 science-fiction/fantasy novel written by Matt Bhanks. Set in a world where creatures populate Earth and humans have uncanny abilities, the story consists of various fictional characters that Matt has developed throughout his childhood. It is meant to be the debut novel for an upcoming series and explains the times of multiple heroes in their attempt to defeat an ancient race of creatures called ‘the directors’ or more formally, 'The Directors of the Universal Plagues'. The main protagonist of the series is an alien named Canavin, (pronounced Ka-nay-vin) which was the very first character created by the author. Other major characters are Valor, Silvert, Cyphrus Abel Reid (Cyfreid), Curtis Kareem, and Tina Truman, formerly Tina Marbury. The story for the first novel revolves around the seven heroes on the cover. The book was launched on July 29th 2013 in Windsor, Ontario with all rights going to MB Realms Entertainment. A sequel, Master Defenders 2: Codes of Corruption, was released on January 26, 2015. The third book, MD3: Shields of Hope, was released on October 14, 2016. A prequel to th series called, Canavin: Pixalian Defender is also in the works. There will be a fourth and fifth installment to the book series along with a sixth book called, The New Masters.

The seven characters of the book are the main characters. Each person goes through some type of struggle, but them along with the other ten members are faced with the ultimate challenge of putting aside their differences in order to defeat one of the abominations from 'The Chain of Iniquity'. Canavin, Silvert, Valor, Sharp, and Titanium Titan make up the prime defenders. They are ordered by Captain Tina (right), and Commander Cyfreid (left), but then become their own unit in later versions.

Plot Summary

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The world is not the same; being infested with countless aliens from the inter-orbit planet of Star Pix. The police are now a world-wide organization known as the Alien Investigative Agency (AIA). And over the years, humans have developed uncanny abilities. With the world at stake due to a substance called "Pixaliemain", two officers embark on a quest to find powerful and extraordinary heroes from across the country. These fifteen fighters put aside their differences in order to to prevent a corrupt alliance from unleashing an ancient evil known as Xaliemer. The fate of the world lies in the hands of two rivals and their teams. One on the side of Iniquity, the other, Integrity. Can they find all of the missing Pixaliemain rock fragments in time?
As individuals we are nothing, but together we are powerful...

Cyfreid, Master Defenders

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Online Versions

Author Matt Bhanks at the 2013 Windsor Essex Book Expo.

On February 3 2014, Master Defenders became available on different online retailers by the decision of Matt Bhanks. The book can be purchased in ePub format from Amazon, Lulu, Kobo and Google Play. Other online retailers such as Barnes&Noble and iBooks are websites that are in consideration. The online version of the novel is generally cheaper than the print version.


Master Defenders was created by Matt Bhanks during his final year of elementary school. In his senior year of High School, he wrote a short story with the same title and similar plot. The Master Defenders short story never got published, but it helped Matt enhance the plot a little more by adding other characters from his childhood. In the short story, the concept of the Pixaliemain rocks remains the same, except there is no corrupted alliance that counters the team. The antagonist, Governor Cain X, is not mentioned. The short story runs for only seventeen 8.5"x11" pages. Major villains from the novel are not apparent and the Directors of the Universal Plagues were not important at the time. The novel gives readers a better understanding of the heroes and their past struggles. All fifteen heroes are the same, except the way Cyfreid acquires them are different.

After getting the first novel out in July, 2013, Matt also went further by become an entrepreneur for Master Defenders products. The merchandise includes the books, t-shirts, posters, and snapbacks. With the sequel on the horizon, only time will tell how the epic journey the Master Defenders are venturing will end. Copyright © 2014 MB Realms Entertainment All Rights Reserved.