Golden City
General Information
Official name: The Golden City of Zagrych
Created by: Matt Bhanks
Mal Bhanks
Universe: MDU
Country: USA
Galaxy: Milky Way
Dimmension: 8

  This oddly named city is the main refuge for all Pixaliens and Altered on Earth. Located inside of the grand canyon this city is one of many like it poping up all over the world. The city is cloaked in an alien technology known as the Sleep shield which hides the city from view in the dark. The only time the city can be seen from the outside is During sunrise and sunset. Due to the reflection from the sun during these times, Zagrych has been nicknamed the "Gold Megalopolis".

The city's Golden gates are especially famous because it is the only thing that can be seen at night. Build entirely of a gold alloy. It acts as a landmark for warry travellers, to show that they are close.


Zagrych Golden Gates