Zan has an innate ability to analyse his targets and determine their strength and weaknesses. As a Master Combatant Zan has an encyclopedic knowledge in hand-to-hand fighting styles as well as an assortment of other fighting styles such as Ninjutsu, Karate, Regulus and so on.

Zan also has a strange acidic blood that flows thru has veins, much like Canavin. Although on many occasions Zan has been known to use his blood in order to heal wounds, and fatal diseases of individuals. Many of whom that were infused with the blood were cured instantly as well as gaining fantastic powers as a plus. Zan's armor is capable of surviving in harsh climates and can sustain his body even in space. It also comes with a camouflage option which was used to hide his presents on earth Pre-Star-Pix Crisis. Zan is near invulnerable. He once survived a fall from the high altitudes of the Mesosphere without a parachute. Landing with only minimal damage.

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