The abetting clan was under the leadership of the rich group of ethnic individuals led by Canavin's father.  This varied group was called The Star-Pix Defenders.  The Chiefs of the Gauntlet are not mentioned in the Master Defenders series, but are more apparent in "Zan."

short stories and crossover narratives that include characters like Desplode (MD3) and Shadowen, (a dark 'realm-bender' having counter, yet similar traits to Axel Ramone ).  In relation to MD, Zan Genrax is a good friend of the royal family.  At first, he is simply a commoner, owning only a small portion of farm lnd.  As a teenager, he is forced to honour his patron, Yazurath (seen in MD2 and MD3.  Canavin's mentor is Yazurath after the Battle of Cyclohoma).  In 'Zan: Quest of the Gauntlet', the minor being becomes a major icon in Pixalian history by saving the planet from Koresse, (one of the main antagonists in the Zan narratives).  Zan finds the Gauntlet that Koresse needed to receive teeming power.  He does this with the help of Prince Canavin and learns about its secrets.  Other Pixalians like Flern Flemming are guiders as well.  Zan later removes the glove and destroys it after he notices it was really a time bomb.   After the Star-Pix Crisis led by Richard Rageous ,Zan remains on Star-Pix and suggests that the planet should have a democratic order instead of a monarchy.  His ideas are shunned down, and Flern Flemming becomes the next King. (Canavin leaves for Earth).  Zan Genrax travels to Earth and actually fights Canavin because he believes he failed the planet by choosing the humans.  In the end, Zan is down and Canavin wins.  Before Canavin is able to kill Zan with Pixcalibur, he stops and helps him up, remembering his father's teachings and the quest of the Gauntlet.  Canavin introduces Zan to Frankie ,and they work together as the Canavin Clan (Celestica is the last to join).  Although Frankie is the 'tech wizard', Zan is the brains behind the Canavin Station.  The Pixalian is in all the books of the MD series.

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