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Protecting our home doesn't mean to only, protect the land, but the people as well.

Zip Zap, Master Defenders

Zip Zap
Species: Altered Human
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Hector Silva (Father)
Occupation: Archaeologist
Affiliations: Master Defenders

Preservation Society

Zip Zap; the hero from the Legends of Old. Zip zap is a hero hailing from the Island nation Vizkula; which is located off the coast of Brazil, in the south Atlantic ocean. Noted as an honorary member of the Master Defenders and the leader of the Preservation Society. 

To Protect and Preserve

Zip Zap was briefly a member of the AIA, is there research division, where he served as a test subject. His strange physiology and power-set had never been seen prior. Tests were necessary for the betterment of human to altered relations.

Due to the way Eduardo was given his powers some speculate it's possible that he is among the first-ever biologically human-engineered Pixaliens or New breed. Having Zan's blood flowing through his veins seems to have changed his make-up and made him substitutable to high concentrations of energy.

Blood Brothers

In the Zan Narratives, there is a list of people who suffered horrific accidents; as a result of Pixalien related events. One such event describes in detail one elderly lady's account of a bomb explosion in the southern United States. There was a gentleman who managed to push her from an oncoming truck. Just as she saw a Blue explosion of light appear. The surrounding area was devastated and the young man, who seemed to be the epicenter of the blast was destroyed. Later we learn that this exact moment would later be described by the A.I.A. as "The Domineo Event." The event that created the Lightning Lynx.

Lynx and Zip Zaps powers are very similar as it was the same event that created them both. Whereas Lynx's powers are more of an electrically charged speed; Zip Zaps is more has energy propelled flight. These two have met on several occasions and to this day have a less than healthy rivalry. They sometimes fight like an old married couple or as Axel Ramone once described " two brothers fighting over the last slice of pizza."

Preservation Society

The society is a collection of powerful individuals, both in money/status and actual Pixalien powers. Their mission is to preserve the world, plants, animals, indigenous people as well as certain governments. It is also believed to have a few headquarters located all over the world. From Avongard to Spain and even in the Antarctic